UK Commission for Employment and Skills

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills is a Non-Departmental Public Body providing strategic leadership on skills and employment issues in the four nations of the UK. Together, our Commissioners comprise a social partnership that includes CEOs of large and small employers across a wide range of sectors; trade unions and representatives from the Devolved Administrations.
Our mission is to work with and through our partners to secure a greater commitment to invest in the skills of people to drive, enterprise, jobs and growth.
Our strategic objectives in 2012/13 are:

  • To provide world-class labour market intelligence which helps businesses and people make the best choices for them
  • To work with sectors and business leaders to develop and deliver the best solutions to generate greater employer investment in skills
  • To maximise the impact of changed employment and skills policies and employer behaviour to help drive jobs, growth and an internationally competitive skills base

In pursuit of these objectives, our Commissioners are working towards achieving the following priority outcomes across the UK:

  • More employers investing in the skills of their people
  • More career opportunities for young people
  • More collective action by employers through stronger sectors and local networks

More employers stepping up and taking ownership of skills┬áThe UK Commission is also committed to promoting employer investment in people. In April 2010 the Commission became the champion and guardian of Investors in People, and continues to develop Investors in People’s reach and impact amongst employers of all types and sizes, to strengthen its position at the heart of the UK’s business and skills agenda.

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